An animated GIF of a pixel-art robot.

A point-and-click AI platformer: Build solar stations, connect power, avoid meteors!


   1.  First, hold A, then click on a different station site to build a **solar station**.

   2.  Then, hold A, and click on the **power-line** buttons for your new solar station and the command center.

   3.  Don't build a **second bot** until you have a couple connected solar stations!

(Sorry I didn't get around to adding better in-game indicators!)


  • Mouse and keyboard.
  • A/S/D/Q/W/E to select a bot.
  • Left-click on a platform to move the bot.
  • Left-click a station button to do that command.
  • Right-click to cancel a command.

Software used

  • Godot: Game engine.
  • Aseprite: Pixel-art image editor.
  • Bfxr: Sound effects editor.
  • DefleMask: Chiptune music tracker.
  • Surfacer: Framework for procedural path-finding across 2D platforms.
  • Scaffolder: Framework for general app and UI infrastructure.
  • SurfaceTiler: Framework for "next-level" autotiling.

I livestreamed the development on Twitch!


Download 27 MB

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