🏹 Lead the village the defend against relentless waves of monsters!

⚠️ TIPS!

  • 🏹 Try to assemble some villagers, and attack the enemy spawn points before you're overrun!
  • 🚩 You can rally villagers to your hero's location by clicking on the hero and dragging to the rally button.
  • ⚖️ Nothing is well-balanced and I'm sorry! (😴 But my sorry is tempered somewhat by my severe sleep deprivation...)

🎮 Controls


  • WASD/arrows to move
  • Space to jump
  • Click on units to select and command them

💿 Software used

  • Godot: Game engine.
  • Aseprite: Pixel-art image editor.
  • Bfxr: Sound effects editor.
  • FamiStudio: Chiptune music tracker.
  • Surfacer: Framework for procedural path-finding across 2D platforms.
  • Scaffolder: Framework for general app and UI infrastructure.
  • SurfaceTiler: Framework for "next-level" autotiling.

🐞 Post-submission bug fix

  • I fixed a critical bug the morning after submitting. The exported game would consistently crash when AI walked into walls.
  • The bug: I'm not sure of the cause yet!
  • The fix: I identified a boolean that was the wrong value in these cases, and flipped it. Now the AI will apparently sometimes teleport slightly away from the wall they would have walked into, but at least it doesn't crash!

📺 I livestreamed the development on Twitch!


village_defender_Win.zip 33 MB


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Sadly i can't get pass the controls info screen . Itried to click everywhere but nothing happens :(

:( Oh no! I think that may have been a bug relating to how the pause state could have been breaking things sometimes when the game window loses focus. I think I uploaded a fix that should at least unblock that! Thanks for letting me know!

Ah, ok, I just learned that this was actually a deeper problem. Apparently my Windows exports weren’t working due to a typo in an image filename. Godot apparently was happy to handle the invalid filename when running in-editor and in an HTML export, but not in a Windows export. It’s fixed now!